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Informative Pistol Shooting Training Classes

Covenant Tactical offers gun classes in Orange, Texas. These classes include instruction on pistol shooting and what happens in an armed confrontation, not what happens in a controlled environment. All of our classes provide the information and skills you need to protect yourself in a real-life situation. Other classes will be added as participants request more advanced training.  All Combat Handgun Courses require modern carry pistol, at least 3 magazines, pistol/mag holster and Range Safety Gear.  Level II & Level III classes require a min of 1,000 rnds of ammunition and the start time is 9 A.M

Combat Handgun Level I  - $350  - 2 day course

Our first level is a comprehensive fundamentals class designed to prepare you for more advanced classes. The detailed curriculum will bring a novice to a level of skill in just two days. You will learn modern combative techniques, which will put you in good standing for any defensive situations you may encounter. Point shooting techniques are also incorporated, and you will learn various point shooting methods while integrating them into your existing skill sets. No experience or prior training is needed. This class is ideal for beginners or accomplished shooters looking to tune-up their skills.

Bring 500 rnds, modern handgun, holster, 3 magazines & Range Safety Gear.

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Combat Handgun Level II - $350  - 2 day course

This course takes you as far as you can safely go on a square range with live-fire pistols. The dynamic curriculum surpasses the traditional handgun methods commonly taught in most institutions and focuses of the use of the pistol in aggressive close-range applications such as Reality-Based Multiple Hostiles Engagement, Shooting While Moving Off the "X" and 360-Degree After-Action Assessment Methods . This class covers life-saving material often ignored by other programs. Beginning with a review of the fundamentals, the class progresses quickly to new skills.  THIS IS NOT A BEGINNERS COURSE.  MUST HAVE HANDGUN LEVEL I EXPERIENCE OR EQUIVALENT!!!

Pistol Training

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Combat Handgun Level III - $350 - 2 day course

For Combat Pistol  Level III (CPL III), the morning of the first day, is spent refreshing safety and shooting fundamentals. The remainder of the weekend is spent advancing existing skills through constant trigger-time. CPL III is demanding and will increase speed and accuracy along with new skill development. Participants learn to point-shoot from belly-to-belly distance on the move. CPL III also covers the various threat-focused point shooting, sight-focused shooting, and the seamless integration of a close-range gun fighting program. Participants shoot from field expedient positions, one-handed and behind cover and develop advanced skills to negotiate scenarios such as confined area shooting, navigating crowded environments, and other armed confrontation dynamics. Participants must possess a high level of skill and an equal understanding of range safety and training safety measures. This is an advanced-level course and prior participation in Combat Level II course or equivalent is required.


What to bring:  1,000 rounds min, Modern Carry Pistol with at least three magazines.  Holster and magazine carry pouches. Range Safety Gear (eye protection, hearing protection).  Other range gear, food and water is up to your discression.

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